Website Building & Design


Basic Website

Looking for the best value for the least cost? Already have a solid plan for how your website should look? With the basic plan, our designers will work with what you can provide them to compile your photos and written copy into a stylish finished package.


  • Professional Website Build, designed using photos YOU provide

  • We’ll fill in the little stuff, but YOU write the major copy for the site. After all, who better to tell your story than you?

  • Custom domain name specific to your brand/business

  • Easily access your website at any time to make changes/updates


Want to sell your products and accept credit card/Paypal transactions directly from your website? No problem! Any website can be easily outfitted with an E-Commerce Marketplace for a slight extra charge.



Custom Website With Content Creation

Want to ensure your website looks as uniquely creative as your product? Looking for interactive features like auto-playing videos or photo galleries that display information about individual products? iPhone photos and do-it-yourself content can only take you so far. Let us create for you! With the Content Creation Package, we handle ALL the details, leaving you to focus on how to keep your clients happy.


  • Professional Website Build from scratch

  • In-person Consultation Sessions to help us find the best way to conceptualize your mission statement, company history, and everything that makes you unique!

  • Professional photography — Of you, your store, your employees, your goods and services, of anything you want

  • Professional videography (videos UNDER 30 seconds long included at no extra cost)

  • Our copywriters can tell your story, OR you can tell it yourself! Write as much or as little of the copy as you like!

  • Custom domain, easily accessible by you for future updates/revisions




Custom Website With Content Update Package

In today’s world, Social Media is the most reliable and direct way to interact with your prospective clients. People are 10x MORE LIKELY to visit an Instagram or Twitter profile than an actual webpage. Maximizing the potential of social media and website integration is an ongoing process, and staying up-to-date can be a job in itself. With our Content Update Package, take digital marketing a step further with a full social media promotion plan, and scheduled updates to keep your website looking fresh all year long!


  • In-depth consultation regarding every aspect of your business from the early days to your future plans

  • Professional Page Builds for ALL your social media. Don’t have an account? We’ll make you one from scratch!

  • Extensive professional Content Creation, including Video Production, Editing, and Photography.

  • A Content Library delivered to you, including edited, branded promotional materials specifically for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms.

  • A step-by-step marketing plan detailing updates, social media approaches, and much more for TWELVE MONTHS

  • MONTHLY consultation meetings, to discuss the direction and evaluate the impact of your content (1 year)

  • BI-MONTHLY content creation to ensure your pages are always fresh and up-to-date (1year)

  • Also includes EVERYTHING from previous packages



CONTINUED UPDATE SERVICE (after first year): $299.99 ANNUALLY