Does Loste Films do collaborations?

Yes we do! If we like a project we are always open to collaborate.


I want to watch your films! Where can I find them?

Our films which are currently available in the U.S. are streamable on various platforms. Typically you can find them on out YouTube channel or Facebook pages.


Are your prices set in stone or are you flexible?

The prices listed on our website are general guidelines. We give exact quotes on a project per project basis.


Do you require deposits?

We do require non-refundable deposits for all projects to cover pre-production costs. The deposit amount is judged on a project per project basis.


If I hire Loste Films to crew my production, who can we expect to show up on set?

When sourcing crew from Loste Films, you are guaranteed absolute professionalism from all crew members. If we don’t have someone on staff available to crew your project, we will be sending out only people we have worked with and trust to provide industry-standard quality.


What resolution do you shoot in?

Typically we always shoot in 4K. Shooting in 6K is also available by request for an additional fee.


How will my materials be delivered?

Master files of finished films will be delivered via Google Drive download. Pre-production materials will be delivered via email. If you want delivery on a hard drive, you must provide a Mac formatted external hard drive with adequate storage space.


How do I deliver materials for post-production jobs?

We ask that any post-production jobs with over 100GB be delivered on a Mac formatted external hard drive.