Logo Design & Branding


Logo Design Package

In the fast-paced, soundbite-based marketplace in which we are all living, your Logo defines you. It’s the single most visible, accessible part of your brand — the thing you rely on most to make an impact, grab attention, and draw people in. In our professional experience, it’s the companies with a great logo that see the best results, from ANY of our services, every time. That’s why we put so much importance on it, and why our Logo Design & Branding Package comes strongly recommended with EVERY sale we make.



DELUXE LOGO/ BRANDING (includes multiple concept designs, as well as GIFS and animated versions) : $499.99

Already have a logo you’re happy with? Don’t want to give up the brand recognition value you’ve spend years building? We got you! Our editing professionals can take your logo and convert it to a high-res file that won’t lose image quality, even if stretched out onto a football field!

LOGO TOUCH-UP/ IMAGE RESIZING: $99.99 (per image)